deZem project examples

From monitoring of a single plant to multinational enterprises

The deZem energy controlling system is used worldwide in many different contexts. Peak and base loads can be analysed in detail, plants can be monitored and controlled according to demand, and energy consumption can be evaluated. In addition to cost reductions of 20% to 50%, our customers gain a deep insight into the daily interaction of man, machine and more or less optimised processes. On this basis, large and surprising improvements - especially in energy management - can usually be achieved quickly.

The following examples may serve as inspiration.



300 Logistic centres

deZem system as an information base for specialised contractors

A contracting provider uses the deZem system for the technical monitoring and energy management of approx. 300 logistics centres as well as for other successful contracting projects. As part of a contract spanning several decades, deZem acts "in the background" as a full service provider for data acquisition and processing, i.e. for installation, system setup and full maintenance of software and hardware.


Management overview in data centres


NTT is Europe's largest operator of data centres. Since 2015, the company is using the deZem system for the energy management of its 300 MW colocation-capacity at 20 sites.


50 % savings of ventilation system

Pure configuration adjustments, no investment

According to the operator, the ventilation system of an office building was "definitely optimally adjusted" - for years.

The tenant wanted to know more about it and created transparency using the deZem Mobile Metering Case. Great potential for optimisation was immediately apparent. Changing the settings halved consumption without compromising air quality.


Project Plusenergy-School

One deZem-iPC collects hundreds of metering values in the school building

The primary school in Hohen Neuendorf is on its way to become a "plus energy school" that generates more energy than it consumes. This can only be achieved through innovative architecture and building technology as well as excellent energy monitoring.



Productivity optimisation of our honey factory

Record harvests with real-time monitoring

Our beehive is, just like in any other factory, concerned with optimising productivity through the best possible conditions. Using the latest technology, our office bees are monitored up-to-the-minute and optimal harvest times and support requirements are determined.