Management overview in data centres

Project with NTT

NTT is Europe's largest operator of data centres. Since 2015, the company is using the deZem system for the energy management of its 300 MW colocation-capacity at 20 sites.

Project goals

  • Monitoring, measurement and analysis of consumption data and data from electrical control technology
  • Evaluation of data to analyse the energetic optimisation of all relevant plants and systems (determining and developing PUE)
  • Tailored reporting for management, technicians and customers
  • Benchmarking for systems and sites
  • Verifying manufacturer information on equipment efficiency
  • Basis for ISO 50001 audit

„deZem provides us with innovative, technically solid solutions, precisely matching our requirements on reporting in modern data centres.‟

 T. Krause, energy manager 

Technical implementation

  • Integration of already existing measurements from electrical control technology and calibrated measurements (consumption data)
  • Linking of diverse measurements from the central BMS
  • Real-time evaluation of PUEs, benchmarking of data centres
  • Dashboards (deZemBoard) and reports (deZemReport) specific for indivudual target-groups 
  • Customized implementation of special reports, conformant with CI

Benefits and Achievements

  • Company-wide transparency on energy efficency at all sites - for individual facilities, systems and PUEs

  • Individual reporting of SLAs per suite comprehensive and cost-efficient

  • Effective supervision of manufacturer information under actual conditions involving the procurement department

  • Findings are immediately used in the development of new data centres