Mobile Measuring Case for many purposes

Recording of almost any metering quantity- in real time, via Web

Sometimes short-term measurements are needed or long-term measurements without fixed installation as an uncomplicated introduction to plant monitoring and energy controlling required. Our Mobile Metering Cases are the solution.

Application scenarios are preliminary analyses, continuous monitoring and success controls of measures in the field of maintenance and energy optimisation. All metered values are transmitted in high resolution in real time via mobile communications. The data connections are optimised for fast and easy handling.

deZem assembles Mobile metering Cases according to your wishes. Some typical models are shown here.

On site: Unpack, connect, make metering values available online within a few minutes, regardless of location.

1. The classic

Measuring case for flexible current and active load measurements

  • 8x, 16x, or 24x inputs for compact clamp-on current transformers with practical plug connectors, usable within a distance up to 100m, with deZem-ZMx technology
  • Counting pulse inputs
  • Analog signals 0 - 10 VDC, 0 - 20 mA (e.g. for compressed air flows, humidity, CO₂, differential pressures etc.)
  • 400 VAC plug on case
  • Data transmission encrypted and in real time via mobile communications modem
  • Integration of many data sources and field buses such as Modbus, M-Bus, wireless M-Bus, CANopen, BACnet and many more. (see also separate data sheet for iPCX and iPCR)

Also available for pure effective current measurements.

Why deZem Mobile Metering Case?

  • Easy to install
  • Equipment according to individual requirements
  • Real-time data transmission via mobile phone (SIM incl.)
  • Remote access to deZem support (on request)
  • Use of standard components (DIN rail devices)
  • Durable plastic case for harsh environments
  • Metered values directly visible in the deZem software

2. Basic Measuring Case

Cost-effective entry into energy management

  • 6x digital inputs for meters with pulse interface
  • 2x inputs for optocouplers (Ferraris discs and LED),
  • Mobile communication modem with external antenna
  • SIM card and data traffic included for one year
  • Real-time transmission of metered values
  • Includes preconfigured reports

3. Metering case with ultrasonic flow measurement

Monitoring of heat and cold flows

  • Strap-on ultrasonic sensor rails (clamp-on)
  • Contact temperature sensor for flow and return flow
  • Interruption-free and contamination-free metering
  • For pipe-bound liquids
  • Real-time transmission of metered values via mobile communications
  • Can be combined with fuel flow or similar for continuous monitoring of key figures


Clamp-on ultrasonic sensor rail for flow metering of piped liquid flows