Data acquisition with deZem

Data Logger and Metering Technology: versatile and flexible

deZem offers a modular system for data acquisition to record and immediately process energy consumption, performance and generally all kinds of data from buildings, facilities and production processes. The data acquisition at field level works with standardized interfaces.  All data can be used in real time via the deZem energy management software and, of course, also by other means.

With automatic, stable and always secure data acquisition, great potential for optimization can be tapped that would otherwise simply remain invisible. An ISO 50001 energy management system based on real-time measurements instead of estimates saves a lot of working time and opens up great benefits - even far beyond energy management, e.g. in the early detection of anomalies and in the area of plant maintenance. Manual data acquisition via app is of course also possible with the deZem system. In addition, our Mobile Metering Cases allow temporary measurements.

deZem manufactures particularly powerful data loggers and metering components for a wide range of applications. In each project, existing systems are integrated or products from other manufacturers are incorporated in a completely neutral manner in order to achieve the best overall solution.

Why data acquisition with deZem?

  • Automatic - optionally manual - data acquisition
  • Modular, secure and flexible
  • Future-proof integration of existing data sources
  • Support of all common field buses
  • Versatile metering technology, all metering quantities
  • Easy to install, easy to expand
  • Measured values immediately available online
  • Standardised protocols, no manufacturer dependency
  • Tested multiple times and praised by IT security experts

Wireless data transmission with LoRaWAN

Secure, flexible, over long distances

LoRaWAN enables wireless transmissionof sensor data and commands for actuators over long distances with extremely low energy usage. This new radio technology opens up completely new fields of application.


deZem Edge Computer

Powerful deZem industrial PCs on-site

The Linux-based Edge Computers are the local hub for collecting, filtering, buffering and, if necessary, preprocessing sensor data locally. deZem Edge Computers perform monitoring and automation tasks on-site and send data e.g. to the deZem Data platform for permanent storage and analysis.


Compact metering technology and sensors...

... for any measurement types

Easily expandable metering technology, whether from our own production or from other suppliers, creates flexibility and future security in the field with standardised interfaces. 



Mobile Metering Case

Flexible und versatile

Install temporary measurements of all kinds at changing locations within minutes. Measured values are transmitted via mobile communications and are available in real time.