Interactive visualisation software

deZemVis for effective energy management

deZemVis is our web-based, interactive visualisation software with numerous useful and innovative analysis functions. It is the leader in terms of user-friendliness, analytical skill, performance and flexibility for effective energy controlling! Our customers include international companies, large public property administrations, universities, data centers and many others.

With deZemVis you can optimise energy consumption and maintenance, reduce costs and more than meet the requirements of ISO 50001.

With deZemVis we aim to provide a professional platform that can be used by managers, controllers and technicians alike and offers all involved parties a quick overview of characteristic values, an intuitive handling as well as detailed technical analysis.

deZemVis has been certified for suitability for use in energy management according to ISO 50001.


Why deZemVis?

Small selection of features

  • High-resolution data from almost any source
  • Second-to-second analysis, real-time data
  • Curves, columns, continuous lines, Sankey, scatter and grid diagrams
  • Weather adjustments, characteristic values
  • Stepless time selection, zoom and pan
  • Comparisons of periods
  • Integral, Differential, Average
  • Correlation analysis
  • Automatic and manual comments
  • Bookmarks
  • Search function