deZem honey factory

We use deZem hardware and software ourselves in a wide variety of ways - permanently and intensively. On the deZem roof terrace there are two factories: a honey factory and an aquaponics plant - both supported by modern technology and curious people!

The honey factory, also called beehive, employs ten thousand bees, which produce approximately 160 kg of delicious honey. Just like in any other factory, the honey factory is about optimising this productivity through the best possible conditions. The beehive is constantly monitored with sensors and cameras to ensure its well-being and performance in real time. The use of deZem technology enables us to intervene at short notice, increase yields and provide the best possible support for our bees.

In addition we use the dezem system for the energy management of our office and the of capacity optimisation and performance increase our server landscape. Through constant interaction with customers and our in-house projects, the deZem system develops quickly and continuously - in its versatility, reliability, user benefit and overall quality.

Our two factories on the roof terrace are looking forward to your visit.

Bee Dashboard

Technical implementation

  • Sensors
    • Scale for total weight (resolution 0,1 g)
    • Temperature sensors inside and outside
    • WebCam
    • Microphone in the beehive incl. Fourier transformation as live video
    • Weather station
  • Cascaded alerts based on real-time values, daily performances, etc.
  • Dashboard for complete overview with benchmarking, past production records, etc.
  • Visualisation with deZemVis for comparisions, correlation analysis and many more

Benefits and achievements

High productivity thanks to transparency

  • Annually more than 160 kg of honey (4 times more than traditionally operated beehives)
  • Optimal support of bees well-being
  • Prevent swarming (reduction of bees and honey
  • Supply of sufficient food during winter and early spring
  • Gain better insights and understanding of correlations