50 % savings in building ventilation

Pure configuration adjustments, no investment

According to the operator, the ventilation system of an office building was "definitely optimally adjusted" - for years.

The tenant wanted to know more and created transparency using deZem Metering Cases. Great potential for optimisation was immediately evident. Changing the settings halved consumption without compromising air quality.

The example is typical: With deZem tools, hundreds of similar cases have already occurred, some of them with a thoroughly anecdotal character. By the way, it is by no means always the building operators who do not fully assume their responsibilities. Often the facility manager has good ideas and clearly defined questions, but does not find a productive response from the client. In all these cases, only real data transparency and fact-based cooperation can help.

Project goals

  • Identification of savings potentials in existing buildings
  • Checking existing settings
  • No disturbance of the running operation
  • Implementation through purely non-investive measures
  • Short payback period for the entire project

Technical implementation

  • Basic Mobile Metering Case for electrical measurements
  • Metering of the three phases of the ventilation system in the sub-distribution with clamp-on transformers
  • Triggered metered value recording with resolution up to 1s
  • Analysis of the load curves in deZemVis
  • Adjustment of the ventilation system setting in two steps, in cooperation with the operator
  • Project duration: 3 months

Load profile and consumption of ventilation system

Comparison before (blue) - after (red)

Benefits and achievements

  • Annual total consumption of ventilation system halved, from 40 MWh to 20 MWh

  • Electrical total load of the office building reduced by one sixth

  • Permanent cost reduction

  • Non-investive measure, easily repeatable in all office buildings

  • Power reduction of the ventilation system at night and on weekends

  • Base load reduced to one sixth

  • Increased service life of the system (fewer operating hours p. a.)

  • Room climate good or better, due to demand-driven basis