Use IoT data - instead of just collecting them

The deZem System

Real, quality-assured data is known to be the best basis for analysing production processes and consumption. Real data is therefore the central starting point to uncover resource saving potentials, increase productivity and reduce costs.

The deZem product portfolio combines various components to a completely digitisedready-to-use solution: from equipment for data acquisition, over the consolidation of IoT data from various sources on the central deZem platform, to extensive tooling for visualisation and analysis in the deZem DataSuite.

The deZem system is modular, each component may be used alone or in combination with other systems. No matter whether it is a temporary installation with just a few sensors or an extensive IoT project with thousands of Metering Points: The deZem System adapts to your requirements in an easily scalable way.

Data acquisition

Sensors, Metering Technology, Edge Computers ...

Acquire and preprocess IoT data from any source, be it energy consumption, electric power, production and machine data, or environmental variables such as temperature or CO2 concentration. deZem offers a large range of sensors, fieldbuses, interfaces, gateways as well as Edge Computers for on-site processing.


Data management: The deZem Platform

Consolidating and storing IoT data

The heart of the deZem system is the deZem Platform where all data is united. It is manufacturer-neutral and supports numerous standard protocols, interfaces and upload formats. This opens up almost unlimited possibilities for collecting data. Of course, highest standards for information security and data protection are implemented, in addition all our servers are located in German data centres that are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001

IoT Analytics: The deZem DataSuite

Energy Management Software

The deZem DataSuite offers all the tools for the visualisation and systematic analysis of all consumption, process and machine data, web-based on the desktop or mobile. It also has freely configurable alarm management, reporting and much more.


The private IoT platform:

Extension for LoRaWAN and MQTT

Our private IoT platform is an extension of the deZem platform to connect IoT protocols such as LoRaWAN and MQTT. also offers a downlink for controlling actuators on-site allowing for automation solutions. Due to its flexibility, is particularly useful for developing customer-specific IoT solutions.

deZem Services

Project-specific, client-focussed support is a defining feature of our work - to the extent of you desire. This includes support with system set-up, the deZem Academy, consulting, and of course our hotline for questions and requests of all kinds.