Contracting for 300 logistics centres

deZem system as the information base for specialised contractors

A contracting provider uses the deZem system for the technical supervision and energy management of 300 logistics centres as well as for other successful contracting projects. Within the scope of a contract covering several decades, deZem acts "in the background" as a full service provider for data acquisition and processing, i.e. for installation, system setup and full maintenance of the software and hardware. The system was fully rolled out in 2013 within a few months, well below the promised time, and has been running without problems in close cooperation with the contractor ever since.

Project goals

  • Continuous real-time monitoring of central heating systems and power supply
  • Complete turnkey IT solution
  • Visualisation and analysis tools as a basis for optimisation measures
  • Benchmarking of locations among each other
  • Proof of continuous efficiency gains
  • Alarm in case of malfunctions
  • Dynamic further development of the system with additional locations, meter exchange, etc.
  • Clear division of tasks: deZem supplies IT tools, Contractor evaluates and optimises

Technical implementation

  • Installation and initial operation of field technology in approx. 300 logistics centres throughout Germany
  • Completion within 5 months after order date
  • Up-to-the-minute data connection of 2000+ metering series incl. remote maintenance via mobile communications
  • Recording of all metering series with a time resolution of 1 value/min.
  • Field connection via M-Bus, wM-Bus and further data interfaces with one deZem data logger per location
  • Special interfaces to billing systems and energy suppliers
  • Independent maintenance of system contents by the contractor via comfortable web interfaces
  • Automatic weather adjustment, KPI monitoring, benchmarking

Benefits and Achievements

  • Full transparency at all times regarding the status of the project's energy and economic objectives

  • Extensive analysis features - from location benchmarking to characteristic curve comparisons

  • Fulfillment of the contractual obligations of the contractor towards his client

  • System available continuously and without failures since 2013

  • Dynamic adjustments - metering points are added, others are switched off

  • Extension of system resources, ongoing updates (security & functionality) in the background and without interrupting system availability

  • Software extensions on demand

  • High customer satisfaction in terms of robustness, stability and performance of deZem hardware and the overall system