Powerful online administration of the energy controlling system

deZemAd for configuration and control

Powerful online administration of the Energy Controlling System

deZemAd is the software module with which our customers configure and further develop their energy controlling system independently - completely or partially, according to their wishes.

With the multi-client capable role concept, you distribute the rights for managing and using the energy controlling system broadly or narrowly over any number of people, for example

  • Administrators of complete systems and subsystems
  • Technicians who maintain the field level in specific buildings
  • Manager for alerts or reports
  • Person responsible for maintaining user or metadata


Why deZemAd?

Small selection of features

  • Configuring and monitoring measuring devices and sensors
  • Replacing meters or sensors
  • Set up scaling factors
  • Set alerts to limit overruns
  • Configuring and changing virtual counters and formulas
  • Maintain metadata
  • Export measured values regularly
  • Adjusting the tree display of measurements
  • Manage users with individual rights


...managed in deZemAd

Immediately receive an e-mail warning if an unwanted peak load occurs, water consumption at night exceeds a limit value, or if the temperature of a cold aisle in the data center is outside the desired range of values.

Display all alerts that have ever been triggered directly in deZemVis - analyse the causes and document them easily.

Formulas and virtual meters

...configured in deZemAd

Link meter series and metadata to an all-enlightening indicator by means of a formula worthy of the Nobel Prize and integrate it into reports.  Efficiency gains are presented impressively in deZemVis.

There are many possibilities from simple addition to complex calculations with filters and conditions.