Digitalisation is the art to not just own IoT data, but to generate actual value from it. On the basis of a consistent and uniform data base, it is possible to uncover potential savings, monitor processes, increase productivity and automate operational processes.

Consistent data base

Complete overview

High added value

A One-stop solution for your IoT project

Based on many years of experience in the field of energy controlling, deZem's product portfolio has evolved into an innovative and modular system for the acquisition and analysis of any kind of IoT data, including an IoT platform, IoT analytics, sensor technology and edge computing.

Whether it's about setting up a new metering infrastructure, integrating existing systems, or consolidating IoT data from a wide range of sources on a single data platform: deZem has the perfect solution for your requirements.

The IoT analytics software is also modular with visualisation and analysis tools as well as a reporting option allowing to track down savings potential, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and save resources.

Regain valuable time for your core business tasks.


Start using IoT data - instead of just collecting them. With deZem!

As you know, deZem devised its product portfolio for doing energy controlling. Over the years, we have developed a system of software, hardware and services that our customers, however, use for many different purposes! They collect high-resolution time series from wildly diverse sources, facilities, processes, buildings. They do not just collect energy data – they collect IoT data!

Our customer’s objective is improving their energy efficiency, but often it is also more generally monitoring processes, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and optimising operations - in factories, data centres, hospitals, agriculture, administrative building, you name it. In short, the applications for deZem products have become as diverse as our customers!

At the same time, we have steadily evolved our product portfolio to embrace the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) and related innovative technologies. Do you already know about our LoRaWAN und Edge Computing products?

Our website, on the other hand, so far continued to focus on the topic of energy controlling. Today, however, we have put online a revised landing page that reflects our broader focus.

It will take some time to update all our web pages and present all the different aspects of our IoT portfolio. Please continue to check for updates in the coming weeks. Quite possibly, you will find new ideas and solutions for your IoT project.

A final word: Energy controlling is a matter close to our hearts; of course we continue to optimise all our products for this important use case. In our opinion, improving energy efficiency by taking a detailed “digitized” look on consumption is the most effective and economic way to achieve climate protection and independence from fossil fuels.

We are very much looking forward to your feedback

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IoT software deZem DataSuite optimised for mobile devices

IoT data always at your fingertips

Millions of sensor readings from machines, facilities and buildings arrive in the deZem IoT software every day. Visualising such Big Data in a way that is both easy to understand and allows for further analysis is a challenging task – even more so on small screens. In its latest update, deZem has therefore updated the design of the dashboard module deZemBoard and the visualisation and analysis module deZemVis. More importantly, deZem optimised the usage on mobile devices such  that information is readily accessible  and even in-depth analysis tasks can be performed ad-hoc on mobile devices.

A consistent and central database is the basis for identifying savings potential, monitoring processes, increasing productivity and automating operating procedures. However, in order to interpret machine-, energy- and environmental data, processes and their interactions, all this needs to be presented in a simple and comprehensive manner. In fact, it is often useful to clarify questions about anomalous or interesting data directly on site – on the smartphone.

With the latest update, the deZem visualisation and analysis software can be operated conveniently on small screens such as smartphones or tablets: Current and historical data is displayed on dashboards in so-called widgets as curves, bars, sankey diagrams, and many more ways. Intuitive navigation supports deep-diving into every detail. Comparing different media and time periods, statistical analyses and tables are implemented in a visually catchy way. Interactive tips and tricks support users in their navigation.

Your smartphone as telescope and microscope for IoT data

Diagrams must show a lot of information – axes and labels, legends and much more. Therefore they are notoriously difficult to display on small screens, especially when it comes to interactive usage. With the new version of the deZem DataSuite, the inherent potential of smartphones is fully exploited to present all information clearly, and to intuitively explore more details by tapping, swiping, dragging, rotating, etc. Of course, the same dashboards can be used on the desktop, as before.

Comprehensive management of notifications, alarms and comments

The presentation of relevant information on the actual data has also been optimised for display on mobile devices. Icons show whether an alarm has been triggered, a colleague has commented on a measurement, or whether a sensor stopped delivering data.

Learn more about the deZem DataSuite ...

Mobile view deZem deZemBoard

BETA tests are starting: Dashboards are now optimised for mobile use!

Over the past months, our front-end developers, UX/UI designers and testers have worked hard and no expense nor effort was spared to make our software module deZemBoard a pleasure to use on smartphones as well. We took the chance to integrate many new functions, for example a concise management of notifications and alarms.

Even before the official release, we would like to give our customers and interested parties planning to introduce software for their energy or IoT data management the opportunity to test the mobile dashboards now in the beta version.

We hereby invite you to the Beta-Test!

Are you interested?

Then simply contact us by email or phone.

Flexibly connect LoRaWAN sensors via The Things Network or the IoT platform Element IoT

We have good news for customers who already run a LoRaWAN network or are planning to build one and are still thinking about how to integrate data from the LoRaWAN sensors into our deZem analytics platform.

With version v3.50.1 of the deZemAd software module, it is possible to create and configure LoRaWAN devices collected via the LoRaWAN server The Things Stack (TTS) or Zenner’s IoT platform 'Element IoT' directly in deZemAd.

This innovation should be particularly interesting for municipal utilities. It allows them to use the extensive analysis functions of our deZem analytics platform in addition to their existing system.

You don't have a LoRaWAN network yet, but are interested?

Then contact us. deZem offers a starter kit to discover the LoRaWAN world and helps with the implementation and installation.

We will gladly send you detailed instructions on how to integrate LoRaWAN devices in deZemAd on request.

deZem now supports MQTT protocol

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport, better known as MQTT, has become indispensable in the Internet of Things (IoT) and especially in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Due to its extreme simplicity, this protocol is ideal for machine-to-machine communication. This is because it reliably transmits data even with low bandwidth and limited networks.

deZem has picked up on this trend and also offers a productive MQTT server. In this way, devices and systems that send and receive their data via the MQTT protocol can now also be integrated into the deZem IoT Suite.

We would be happy to set up a test access to the server for you.

If you are interested, please contact us!


HarvyLR: New self-powered, battery-free LoRaWAN sensor

HarvyLR is a brand new LoRaWAN sensor designed by deZem to detect AC and DC currents. The intelligent event filter integrated in the sensor provides metering series (inrush currents etc.) accurate to the second at a defined maximum rate.
Unlike conventional IoT sensors it does not require any external power supply or any battery at all. That means: No need for complex installation by laying additional cables. Since there isn’t any need to change the battery either, it is completely maintenance-free.

It is used, for example, in factory halls, building complexes or outdoor areas. There, analogue signals of 4–20 mA of corresponding transducers can also be recorded. The sensor can also be used to easily measure RMS currents in AC power supplies (in distributions or directly at the plants). In the latter case, the HarvyLR is simply connected to the appropriate deZem clamp-on current transformer. This already has a suitable plug-in contact. To ensure that the values are immediately available online for further purposes, the HarvyLR sensor is ideally suited for integration on the deZem IoT platform. However, it is also compatible with other platforms.

Configuration and firmware updates can be conveniently performed via Bluetooth.

The IoT sensor HarvyLR is available in two variants:

  • HarvyLR-36: for deZem clamp-on current transformers W15, W80/T80 and W150 (provided that in general the load is below 100 A and 4–20 mA DC input signals)
  • HarvyLR-360: for deZem clamp-on current transformers W300/T300, W500/T500

For more information, see the HarvyLR Data sheet.

HarvyLR IoT-Sensor

Success stories from different sectors

Efficiency monitoring and reporting in data centres

Since 2015, NTT, Europe's largest data centre operator, has been using the deZem system for their energy management of over 300 MW of colocation capacity across 10 sites.

50% energy savings achieved in a ventilation system

The analysis of a ventilation system using a mobile metering case allowed a 50% saving in the operation of the ventilation system of an office building.

Contracting for 300 logistics centres

For a contractor, deZem acts as a full-service provider for the technical monitoring and energy management of 300 logistics centres.


LoRaWAN (Low Range Wide Area Network) is the technology of choice for wireless data transmission over long distances of up to several kilometres. The radio signal penetrates thick walls and even travels out of deep wells. LoRaWAN sensors require little or even no battery. The innovative technology is used, for example, in smart city projects, for networking of factory premises or monitoring wells and holes. deZem offers a wide range of innovative LoRaWAN solutions that seamlessly integrate in the overall system.


That's what our customers say

Elegant, Efficient, Flexible

"We searched a long time and deZem was clearly the smartest, best performing and most flexible solution." 

Siemens Real Estate, Berlin


"The introduction of energy controlling at the HTW Berlin has worked excellently thanks to your work. Professional, solution-oriented and based on partnership at all times. Many thanks for that!"

University of Applied Sciences, Berlin

Excellent tool

"The user receives an excellent tool for recording, visualising, controlling and optimising his energy and water consumption on his own responsibility, building by building and in real time."

Building and Property Management of the LWL (Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe)


We are always at your service – in every project phase

You don't know yet how or where to start? You are facing challenging tasks, need to integrate an existing system or are you still in the process of defining objectives? deZem helps in every phase of your IoT project: We support you in creating metering concepts, advise on suitable sensors and metering technology, and offer workshops and trainings. We also accompany you in the implementation of an energy management system according to ISO 50001, carry out pre-audits or internal audits.

Any idea or question, deZem is a competent sparring partner!

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Information Security

Your data is secure

Protecting IT systems from cyber attacks, failures, data leaks and unauthorised access becomes ever more important. Therefore, deZem implements the requirements of ISO 27001 and operates servers exclusively in German data centres certified according to ISO 27001. For you, this means very high information security, restrictive management of access and encrypted communication with all system components.

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