Wireless data transmission with LoRaWAN

Flexible, fast and secure transfer of metered values

Receive signals from previously unreachable locations, read widely distributed sensors without any problems - all wirelessly! 

LoRaWAN enables wireless exchange of sensor data and of commands for actuators over long distances with extremely low energy usage. Penetrating thick walls is no problem and even inaccessible places like deep wells are connected wirelessly. The data transferred is securely end-to-end encrypted. Installation is simple: place sensor, power on - done!

The LoRaWAN antenna (pictured on the right on the roof of the deZem building)  also acts as a gateway: it receives the data from all sensors in range and sends them to an IoT platform. From there, the data is sent on to the deZem data platform for storage and analysis.

LoRaWAN triggers a rethinking of old and also enables entirely new fields of application in

  • Building management
  • Property monitoring, e.g. parking lots
  • Remote reading of meters reading, e.g. on extensive industrial sites
  • Monitoring of widely distributed wells and shafts
  • Transport monitoring
  • Tracker
  • Lumber yards in the woods
  • Weather sensors

Structure of the deZem LoRaWAN system

LoRaWAN infrastructure - public or private?

Antennas in the field transmit the sensor data to an IoT (Internet of Things) platform. The IoT platform serves to manage the LoRaWAN infrastructure, administer the sensors and, if necessary, pre-process the sensor data. For permanent storage and analysis, the data are sent from there to the deZem data platform or other platforms.

Regarding the IoT platforms there is a difference between private and public platforms:

Private IoT platform

deZemIoT is our private IoT platform. It is hosted on servers operated by deZem in Germany. The availability of deZemIoT is guaranteed, without dependency on a public infrastructure.


Public IoT platforms

Alternatively, public IoT platforms, e.g. The Things Network, can be used to send LoRaWAN sensor data to the desired target addresses, e.g. to the deZem platform. However, no availability guarantee is given and the transmission time per day is limited by the provider.

Simple, durable, efficient - with deZem

Advantages of LoRaWAN technology

  • Simple set-up
  • Wireless data acquisition(fast and cost-efficient)
  • Scalable projects
  • 5 - 20 year life time of button cell-powered sensors
  • Coverage of up to 15 km in open spaces and approx. 4 km in cities
  • Competent and experienced technology partner deZem

The ideal sensor for every monitoring project

Hardware for LoRaWAN projects

In addition to the gateways and antennas for outdoor and indoor use, deZem offers a wide range of sensors:

  • Temperatures
  • Relative humidity
  • Air pressure
  • CO2 in ppm
  • Luminosity
  • Wind direction / speed, rainfall, etc.
  • Wells & shafts e.g. well level
  • RMS current up to 150 A
  • Meter reading from modern measuring devices according to DIN EN 62056-21 via clip-on head
  • Analogue signals: 0-10 V, 4-20 mA
  • Counting pulses and status monitoring (digital ON/OFF)
  • Light barrier counting
  • GPS location coordinates
  • Data from Modbus/RTU