Send energy reports regularly

Quick and customized with deZemReport

deZemReport is the software module for configuring energy and environmental reports that are sent automatically and regularly by e-mail to

  • Keep an eye on costs
  • Stay informed about the development of key performance indicators
  • Compare current consumption with the previous year
  • Sustainable monitoring of savings successes

The particularity of deZemReport is the very simple configuration. The user is guided unobtrusively step to step and the finished report is always shown in a preview.

Reports can be sent daily, weekly, monthly or annually to freely configurable user groups.


Why deZemReport?

A small selection of features

  • Automatic, regular e-mails with current energy data
  • Fast and simple handling
  • Setting up recipient groups
  • 1 : 1 Preview of the report during configuration
  • Bar charts and tables
  • Averages and total consumptions
  • Costs, weather adjustment and characteristic values
  • Time comparisons
  • Export as XML
  • Archive historical reports