deZem References

deZem Energy Management system

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Our system is used by global players with multinational manufacturing sites as well as by engineering consultants. It is deployed in office buildings, data centres and mines as well as in beehives - here is a selection of our customers.

Manufacturing Industry

Many interfaces, high time resolution, critical systems, confidential data

Energy industry and Energy services

Versatile services and data processing for all involved parties

Food sector

Diverse KPIs, explicit process monitoring


Research projects and extensive facility management

Municipal services and municipalities

Large number of sites, cost controlling, process support

Commerce, Banking, Services

Modern buildings with demanding requirements

Data centres

Top-level information security, PUE, detailed monitoring of media and IT-resources

Facility Management

Standardised processes, system monitoring, automated invoicing

Federal agencies

Highest data security and confidentiality, funded projects