The deZem Platform

Professionally hosted

Response time in milliseconds and system availability of 99,99 %

How does deZem guarantee these values?

On powerful servers, incoming metering values are checked for plausibility, aggregated and finally stored in highly available database systems. Visualisation and analysis of data triggered by user request is separated from the processing of background tasks, e.g. triggering of alarms, creating reports, system monitoring, as well as managing backups.

Full‑service hosting in the deZem infrastructure (Saas)

  • ISO/IEC 9001‑certified system administration
  • 24/7 availability
  • Redundant data storage in at least two independent data centres located in Germany
  • Guaranteed, monitored performance
  • Secure, up‑to‑date versions of operating system, system services and software
  • Strict isolation of customer data in separate databases
  • Data centres 100 % green‑electricity operated

On-Premise hosting

The deZem platform can also be hosted on premise at the client's site. Administration responsibilities may be shared in different ways. In a tried and proven division of labour, the client's IT department is responsible for the maintenance of host systems and resources, while deZem monitors and administers everything else.

Optimal protection of your data new

Confidentiality, availability and integrity of information

  • Internal ISO 27001 auditor responsible for information security
  • Restrictive management of entry and access
  • ISO 27001‑certified data centres
  • Solely encrypted communication of all system components
  • Permanent monitoring of system health and capacity
  • Evaluation of information logs
  • Regular, systematic vulnerability assessment
  • Extremely high availability due to multiply redundant server dimensioning
  • Regular backups, storage in physically separate data centres
  • Controlled, prompt import of security and software updates
  • Separation of development, test and operational facilities
  • Periodic data privacy audits