App for manual meter readings

Quick and error-free with deZemCap

The practical smartphone app deZemCap simplifies the manual recording of meter readings and immeadiately integrates them into the deZem energy controlling platform.

These are the steps:

  • Select meter from list, or scan QR code on the meter
  • Enter meter reading (only the digits that have changed since the last reading)
  • Save

An instant plausibility check is included to prevent accidental entering of incorrect values. Intuitive usability of the app has guided the design.

deZemCap can be used even in places without web-access: the app works offline and synchronizes with the deZem servers as soon as the smartphone reconnects to the Internet.

Handwritten notes and the error-prone handling of Excel tables are no longer necessary.

Why deZemCap?

Selected functions

  • Integration of manual meter readings into deZem platform

  • Manage lists of meters and meter reading work flows

  • Perform meter readings offline, e.g. in basements

  • Show recent meter readings in app

  • Get an immediate plausibility check

  • Scan QR code for easy meter selection, or select from tree structure

  • For Android and IOS

  • Security: grant usage rights to meter-readers in deZemAd