Electricity monitoring for high electric currents: the ZM4R-H device in the Chilean pulp and paper industry

CMPC, according to Forbes Global 2000 the largest pulp and paper manufacturer in the world, emphasizes ecological forestry and energy efficiency. Since 2018, CMPC is using the deZem software platform in several business areas in Chile.

In 43 production sites, wood is mechanically shredded. The wood chips are heated and treated in liquid chemical processes to produce a wide range of cellulose-based products. This is an energy-intensive undertaking. The sometimes very high electric loads are recorded in detail with deZem Multi-Meters and are made available in real time for a wide variety of analysis and control tasks.

At CMPC, our new ZM4R-H Multi-Meter for very high electric currents is used extensively: each ZM4R-H connects up to four Rogowski coils (e. g. for 1000 A or 3000 A) using a simple plug-in system. Like its "brother", the ZM8C-H, the ZM4R-H may be expanded with up to 20 ZM8C, each with up to eight clamp-on current transformers, in other words an expanision with 160 additional AC-current inputs. Thus, very large electrical main distributions can be made transparent using a compact and clear metering setup.

For the installation and commissioning at a distance of 13,000 km, the deZem team supported the customer's electricians via web meetings. This ensured every metering point was installed correctly. Production interruptions are usually not necessary for these kinds of installations.

In addition to electricity, many other media are recorded at different CMPC sites. Together with production data from SAP they yield the desired indicators. Extensive expansion across Latin America is planned for 2020.