Start using IoT data - instead of just collecting them. With deZem!

As you know, deZem devised its product portfolio for doing energy controlling. Over the years, we have developed a system of software, hardware and services that our customers, however, use for many different purposes! They collect high-resolution time series from wildly diverse sources, facilities, processes, buildings. They do not just collect energy data – they collect IoT data!

Our customer’s objective is improving their energy efficiency, but often it is also more generally monitoring processes, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and optimising operations - in factories, data centres, hospitals, agriculture, administrative building, you name it. In short, the applications for deZem products have become as diverse as our customers!

At the same time, we have steadily evolved our product portfolio to embrace the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) and related innovative technologies. Do you already know about our LoRaWAN und Edge Computing products?

Our website, on the other hand, so far continued to focus on the topic of energy controlling. Today, however, we have put online a revised landing page that reflects our broader focus.

It will take some time to update all our web pages and present all the different aspects of our IoT portfolio. Please continue to check for updates in the coming weeks. Quite possibly, you will find new ideas and solutions for your IoT project.

A final word: Energy controlling is a matter close to our hearts; of course we continue to optimise all our products for this important use case. In our opinion, improving energy efficiency by taking a detailed “digitized” look on consumption is the most effective and economic way to achieve climate protection and independence from fossil fuels.

We are very much looking forward to your feedback