Revolution in wireless logging of distributed sensors: LoRaWAN

Widely distributed sensors in locations hardly accessible by wire, tedious manual installations - rings a bell? Setting up sensor infrastructure can be challenging and expensive.

deZem now offers a simple solution: wireless acquisition of sensor data at great distance using LoRaWAN. For example, the LoRaWAN antenna on the roof of the deZem office building in Berlin Charlottenburg (white antenna on the left) collects data from sensors in buildings almost 7 km away - thereby consuming extremely little energy. With no buildings inbetween, reach can be 15 km!

We have performed rigorous tests with a great variety of sensors, antennas and gateways. You can be assured we will find the best solution no matter how tricky your use case! For gathering data, the infrastructure of public cloud services may be used or alternatively the network management can be completely "private", without any dependence on specific external infrastructure.

The spectrum of possible applications is vast: Widely distributed meters for water or gas; monitoring of wells or agricultural parameters; the availability of Parking spaces within a large area,e tc.. The sensors are powered by compact batteries that last up to 20 years.

This and more information can be displayed on deZem dashboards and analyzed manually or automatically in many forms - also on your smartphone.