Release: Harvy2 firmware available now !

Sneak preview. It is so easy to configure the Harvy2.

With the latest firmware, a very intuitive interface has been implemented. The interface makes it super easy to set up the corresponding current transformers. It is browser-based and works both online and offline.

The new firmware includes the following functions:

  • Intuitive web-based configuration interface (i.e. no separate software required, operation via your browser, even offline)
  • A wide range options for customisation, e.g. for setting the transformer types used, for assigning the phases and for the use of a voltage transformer if applicable
  • Easy updates: As of version 1.0, updates can be carried out quickly and easily via USB-C and the web interface, even locally on site
  • Connecting the sensor to the LoRaWAN network
  • Data rate configurable from 1-60 min
  • Immediate display of the measured values in the configuration interface
  • Switchable between effective current and active power measurement
  • and much more