New security technology for your data: Update of the deZem server network

Recognizing maintenance needs of facilities and production systems at an early stage is at the core of ​​energy management and therefore core deZem's expertise. System life-time and productivity can increase significantly by targeted observation and interference. Obviously, the same holds true to server infrastructures. Indeed, we use our own tools to continuously observe the deZem server network that hosts our platform and your data!

In order to continue providing the best possible data platform, deZem is currently migrating the entire deZem platform to new and more powerful hardware. Terabytes of data are being shifted, and all security concepts have been reevaluated and further enhanced: Previously virtualized firewall systems are being moved to dedicated servers, redundancy of all critical components is being increased, encrypted communication channels within encrypted networks are being expanded, etc.

And the best part from the administrators point of view: If everything continues according to plan, you, the customer, will not notice these efforts at all! The entire process takes about a year and should be completed in spring 2020.