Flexibly connect LoRaWAN sensors via The Things Network or the IoT platform Element IoT

We have good news for customers who already run a LoRaWAN network or are planning to build one and are still thinking about how to integrate data from the LoRaWAN sensors into our deZem analytics platform.

With version v3.50.1 of the deZemAd software module, it is possible to create and configure LoRaWAN devices collected via the LoRaWAN server The Things Stack (TTS) or Zenner’s IoT platform 'Element IoT' directly in deZemAd.

This innovation should be particularly interesting for municipal utilities. It allows them to use the extensive analysis functions of our deZem analytics platform in addition to their existing system.

You don't have a LoRaWAN network yet, but are interested?

Then contact us. deZem offers a starter kit to discover the LoRaWAN world and helps with the implementation and installation.

We will gladly send you detailed instructions on how to integrate LoRaWAN devices in deZemAd on request.