HarvyLR: New self-powered, battery-free LoRaWAN sensor

HarvyLR is a brand new LoRaWAN sensor designed by deZem to detect AC and DC currents. The intelligent event filter integrated in the sensor provides metering series (inrush currents etc.) accurate to the second at a defined maximum rate.
Unlike conventional IoT sensors it does not require any external power supply or any battery at all. That means: No need for complex installation by laying additional cables. Since there isn’t any need to change the battery either, it is completely maintenance-free.

It is used, for example, in factory halls, building complexes or outdoor areas. There, analogue signals of 4–20 mA of corresponding transducers can also be recorded. The sensor can also be used to easily measure RMS currents in AC power supplies (in distributions or directly at the plants). In the latter case, the HarvyLR is simply connected to the appropriate deZem clamp-on current transformer. This already has a suitable plug-in contact. To ensure that the values are immediately available online for further purposes, the HarvyLR sensor is ideally suited for integration on the deZem IoT platform. However, it is also compatible with other platforms.

Configuration and firmware updates can be conveniently performed via Bluetooth.

The IoT sensor HarvyLR is available in two variants:

  • HarvyLR-36: for deZem clamp-on current transformers W15, W80/T80 and W150 (provided that in general the load is below 100 A and 4–20 mA DC input signals)
  • HarvyLR-360: for deZem clamp-on current transformers W300/T300, W500/T500

For more information, see the HarvyLR Data sheet.

HarvyLR IoT-Sensor