Bee scale for monitoring "honey factories"

Inspired by the enormous increase in productivity of our office bee hive through efficient monitoring, deZem has developed a high-quality electronic scale (very stable, from 0 to 120 kg, sensitivity in the order of milligrams). Current weight of the hive is updated every five minutes in our software deZemVis; one "sees" individual bees flying in and out - and harvests of up to 10 kg on a single day!

Ideal for technology-oriented beekeepers. Optionally, beekeepers may share and compare their data on the deZem platform and support each other "swarm-intelligently" in the tending of their bees. The bee scales can be easily extended with other sensors both inside the bee hive (temperatures, sounds, WebCam, etc.) as well as outside (weather, photovoltaics, etc.). Five of these scales are already in use in schools in Berlin and at the Beekeeper Club Charlottenburg, funded by the Berlin Senate. The wonderful spring has fostered a highly promising project take-off. We would be happy if the scales serve to back up the students' curiosity about nature and technology.

More information about the deZem bees here.

High-precision bee scale