Contról y Gestión de Energía

Lo que deZem ofrece

  • ¿Necesita software y hardware para cumplir con los requisitos de la norma ISO 50001?
  • ¿Necesita una visualización efectiva de los datos energéticos?
  • ¿Necesita desarrollar un concepto de monitorización pero no sabe cómo comenzar?
  • ¿Necesita una presentación personalizada de sus datos energéticos para distintos grupos y objetivos?

deZem ofrece un sistema modular para el control y la gestión de energía. Integramos soluciones existentes sin problemas. Seguridad informática nos es muy importante. Contamos con años de experiencia y conocimiento técnico.

Siéntase libre de contactarnos. Juntos encontraremos la mejor solución.


Todo sobre la gestión y el control de la energía.

Rising energy prices => falling energy costs?

Climate protection, rising energy costs and who has to pay for the costs of the exit from fossil-fuel energy - these issues are being hotly debated. Nobel Prize winner in economics 2018, Paul Romer, recently formulated to the point: "One problem today is that people think protecting the environment will be so costly and so hard that they want to ignore the problem and pretend it doesn't exist". In his work he shwoed the opposite is true: price-driven, resource-conserving innovations are the most efficient way to a groundbreaking combination of economic growth and environmental protection. Rising (energy) prices can thus easily lead to falling (energy) costs!

Based on this conviction, deZem is pleased to support this year's conference "Dialogue: Climate Protection and Market Economy" on 21 November 2018, organised by FÖS (Forum for Ecological-Social Market Economy) as main sponsor. Please joint us for a lively discussion! Free tickets are still available from deZem and the programme can be found here.

FÖS Veranstaltung mit deZem GmbH: Klimaschutz und Marktwirtschaft im Dialog

deZem Training Course on 27th Nov 2018

Energy controlling made easy with deZem! At our training course in November, we provide in-depth knowledge on planning, implementation and targeted use of the deZem energy controlling system. In a small group and relaxed atmosphere we address your individual interests.

For more information on the contents and registration please refer to our Academy and the training flyer (German version).

deZem Kundenschulung im November 2018

New deZem website!

We've had this up our sleeves for some time: The deZem web site has been completely revised and updated, both in design and content. We hope that you find it both interesting and inspiring.

PHP developer needed!

We would be happy to welcome new colleagues, especially PHP developers in our team. We are looking forward to your application! More information on tasks, requirements and working at deZem can be found in the job description and on our career page.