Energy controlling and energy management

What deZem offers

  • You need software and hardware to satisfy ISO 50001 requirements?
  • You require an effective visualisation of energy data?
  • You need to develop a metering concept but don't know how to start?
  • A customized presentation of your energy data for distinct target groups would be helpful?

deZem offers a modular system for energy controlling and energy management. Existing solutions are integrated seamlessly. Information security is a key ingredient. We build on extensive knowledge and years of experience.

Feel free to contact us anytime. Together we can find the perfect solution.


More on energy management and energy controlling

Bee scale for monitoring "honey factories"

Inspired by the enormous increase in productivity of our office bee hive through efficient monitoring, deZem has developed a high-quality electronic scale (very stable, from 0 to 120 kg, sensitivity in the order of milligrams). Current weight of the hive is updated every five minutes in our software deZemVis; one "sees" individual bees flying in and out - and harvests of up to 10 kg on a single day!

Ideal for technology-oriented beekeepers. Optionally, beekeepers may share and compare their data on the deZem platform and support each other "swarm-intelligently" in the tending of their bees. The bee scales can be easily extended with other sensors both inside the bee hive (temperatures, sounds, WebCam, etc.) as well as outside (weather, photovoltaics, etc.). Five of these scales are already in use in schools in Berlin and at the Beekeeper Club Charlottenburg, funded by the Berlin Senate. The wonderful spring has fostered a highly promising project take-off. We would be happy if the scales serve to back up the students' curiosity about nature and technology.

More information about the deZem bees here.

Hochpräzise Bienenwaage

deZem mit e-shelter auf der Data Center Hybrid in Berlin

Auf der Konferenz Data Center Hybrid in Berlin stellt deZem gemeinsam mit e-shelter wirkungsvolles Energiemanagment in europaweit verteilten Hochsicherheits-Colocation-Rechenzentren vor. Neben der klassischen Optimierung des PUE, dem Standard-KPI bzw. EnPI für Rechenzentren, zählen die Überwachung von SLA-Parametern, die Bewertung von Amorisationszeiträumen im Standortvergleich und die grafische Aufbereitung  komplexer Energieflüsse zu den vielseitigen Einsatzbereichen des deZem-Systems bei einem großen Colocator. Gemeinsam mit Herrn Krause (Energiemanager e-shelter) gibt Dipl. Ing. T. Förster (CTO deZem) einen Einblick in die in langjähriger Zusammenarbeit erzielten Erkenntnisse sowie einen Ausblick über den Einsatz von künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) in der Bewertung weiterer Optimierungsoptionen. Kommen Sie doch vorbei! Termin: 04.04.2019, 9:00, Tickets bei deZem erhältlich.

New App deZemCap for manual meter readings

The practical smartphone app deZemCap simplifies the manual recording of meter readings and immediately integrates them into the deZem energy controlling platform. Simply scan the QR code on the meter and enter the current reading! Handwritten notes and the error-prone handling of Excel tables are no longer required.

Intuitive usability, offline functionality and an automatic plausibility check are available for Android and iOS.

More details on the deZemCap website.

Plausibilitätscheck mit deZemCap

Rising energy prices => falling energy costs?

Climate protection, rising energy costs and who has to pay for the costs of the exit from fossil-fuel energy - these issues are being hotly debated. Nobel Prize winner in economics 2018, Paul Romer, recently formulated to the point: "One problem today is that people think protecting the environment will be so costly and so hard that they want to ignore the problem and pretend it doesn't exist". In his work he shwoed the opposite is true: price-driven, resource-conserving innovations are the most efficient way to a groundbreaking combination of economic growth and environmental protection. Rising (energy) prices can thus easily lead to falling (energy) costs!

Based on this conviction, deZem is pleased to support this year's conference "Dialogue: Climate Protection and Market Economy" on 21 November 2018, organised by FÖS (Forum for Ecological-Social Market Economy) as main sponsor. Please joint us for a lively discussion! Free tickets are still available from deZem and the programme can be found here.

FÖS Veranstaltung mit deZem GmbH: Klimaschutz und Marktwirtschaft im Dialog