Trainings and Workshops at dezem Academy

Efficient energy management

The deZem Academy offers regular training courses on energy controlling and energy management.

  • Planning, development and expansion of energy controlling systems
  •  Strategies and task sharing in energy management
  • Effective use of analysis software, identification of potential savings
  • Communicating success internally and externally, developing incentive systems
  • ISO 50001 in practice and in audits
  • Proven methods for connecting existing systems
  • Technical administration and configuration of the field level
  • Other topics, e.g. web-based control & regulation, IoT, automation of data analysis with AI

An intensive, profitable exchange between all participants develops in small groups of 6 - 12 persons, which can be divided further if necessary. Especially interesting and used by system users is the opportunity to exchange among each other and to network on technical as well as non-technical levels across industries.

In addition, we offer individual workshops on more general organisational and strategic issues relating to data technology scenarios, energy and environmental management.

What participants say

"If I had been able to put together the deZem customer training from a construction kit, the result would have been exact copy of the day. This applies both to the technical depth of the contents conveyed as well as to the competence and the commitment of the deZem employees. Thank you very much."

Franke Aquarotter GmbH

Aim of training courses

Our training courses are designed for customers and interested parties who already work with the deZem system or intend to do so.

After completing the training, you will know how to configure and use the deZem energy controlling system optimally for your goals.

Goals are

  • To use the latest developments in the field of our software and hardware
  • To guide "beginners" in their first steps with the deZem system
  • To fill knowledge gaps in dealing with the deZem system
  • To discuss special topics
  • To separate and illuminate individual topics and areas from the overall system

For further information on the next training course, please refer to our flyer.


Individual workshops

We customise for your users

We also offer individual workshops at deZem in Berlin, in-house at a customer's location or online as a webinar - for example to train a larger number of users of a customer. The workshops are arranged and carried out individually according to the user groups - the division in "only users" and administrators is a common subdivision, but also focus on technical, controlling-oriented and other interests is regularly set.

If you are interested, please write to us or contact us via phone.


We are at your service

The deZem team includes highly competent contacts e. g. for

  • Initial consultations
  • Project support
  • Concept design
  • Technical installations
  • Sensors and metering infrastructure in general
  • Data analysis
  • Pre‑audits ISO 50001
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Organisational & strategic questions